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Welcome to WUDSENSE

WUDSENSE is a Hyderabad based wholesale & retail trading firm in operation since 2004. We deal in the widest range and finest quality of interior products like plywood, veneer, laminates, hardware & allied products. Over the years, through our competitive pricing and efficient product range, we have gone on to establish ourselves as one of the most successful and reliable companies in the region in the given field. 
Thanks to our valued and loyal customers, and their staunch faith in our product quality and service commitment, we have been able to carve out a niche of our own inside the market. Right from the selection of the finest material to the satisfaction of end customer, Team WUDSENSE plays a vital role.


To provide top quality plywood and associated products to customers and constantly achieve customer satisfaction and strive to achive the same



We aim to become one of the top trading company in India. We aim at bringing innovation and quality products to our consumers through active research and development.

Core values

Commitment: We work with passion and always walk the talk.
Honesty: Upright, sincere and transparent in all transactions.
Excellence: We aim to excel in every product and service we cater to.
Customer Satisfaction: We place customer satisfaction at the core of everything
we do in order to give the maximum "value for money" to our customers.

Product Gallery

Products We Offer

  • Marine Grade Plywood ( BWP grade-Boiling Water Proof)
  • Boiling Water Resistance Plywood(BWR Grade)
  • Moisture Resistance Grade Plywood(MR grade)
  • Commercial Plywood
  • Full Pine Block Boards
  • WPC boards
  • Film Faced Shuttering
  • Flush doors
  • Natural Veneers
  • Crotch Veneers
  • Burl Veneers
  • Recon Veneers
  • Laser Cut Veneers
  • Stone Veneers
  • Fabric Laminates
  • Leather Laminates
  • Cork Laminates
  • Metal Laminates
  • Veneer Finish Laminates
  • Stone Finish Laminates
  • PVC Laminates
  • Acrylic Laminates
  • PETG Laminate
  • Cabinet Handles
  • Glass Door Handles
  • Main Door Handles
  • Glass Fittings
  • Sliding Solutions
  • Main Door Locks
  • Locker Safes
  • Customised Handles
  • Door & Cabinet Fittings
  • Drawer Fittings
  • Window Fittings
  • Aluminum Profiles
  • Industrial Shelf Hardware
  • Curtain Finials
  • Biometric Locks
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Modular Panels
  • Modular Kitchen Hardware
  • Aluminum Covering Shutter Doors
  • Rolling Shutter
  • Sinks
  • Tall Units
  • Solid Surfaces Like Dupont Curion & LG hi macs
  • Aluminum Soverings For Sink Cabinets
Flooring solutions
  • Solid Wood Flooring
  • Hard Wood Flooring
  • Laminated Flooring
  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring
  • WPC flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Artificial Grass
Wall applications
  • Woven Wall Paper
  • Non-woven Wall Paper
  • Pvc Wall Paper
  • Canvas Wall Paper
  • 3D Wall Paper
  • Digital Wall Paper
  • Customized Wall Paper

Our Services

Installation support for alum profile doors & flooring

Visits for technical & design support

Prompt delivery of products irrespective of quantity/value

Professional sales team to guide throughout the completion of the project.

Error free billing

Why us?

  • You deal with a trading firm which has a hard earned reputation of over 17 years and not just an overnight trading firm.
  • Though we are guided by old value systems and traditional ethics, we are well equipped to meet the demands of modern day customer's needs and demands via our professional approach.
  • We provide 100% assistance to your product selection while leaving the finalization to the individual tastes.
  • Get all your questions answered and be ready to take an 100% informed decision.
  • Go through a wide range of products in terms of quality, price and applications.
  • Get solutions to all your requirements - plywood, veneer, laminates, hardware & allied products under one roof.
  • Get 100% assurance of quality and service from nothing less than a leader - WUDSENSE .
  • At WUDSENSE , you just don't complete a buying experience, rather you go through a pleasant experience which you would love to cherish and repeat in the times to come.


Our Prestigious Clients



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